7 Signs of Leukaemia

2. Bleeding or Bruising Easily

Susceptibility to bleeding or bruising is unmistakable sign of leukaemia. As blood cells are not in normal condition they lose the ability to form clots and there for the smallest cuts can go on bleeding for longer. Moreover; nose bleeding occurs more frequently and finding traces of blood on an apple because of gum bleeding becomes a usual thing. Also; bruising tends to happen easily and even the smallest knocks can leave a trace on the skin.

3. Susceptibility to Infections

For the same reasons as anaemia, deformity of blood cells; the body becomes more susceptible to infections due to the malformation of the white blood cells as they represent the body’s shield against all kinds of viruses and bacteria. When seasonal common cold takes a huge toll on the body in addition to constant headaches, mouth sores, or skin rash; leukaemia should be in the check list during the next visit to the doctor.

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