9 Signs of Depression in Women

5-Eating Problems

Depression leads to eating disorders; and that can take the form of total loss of appetite and consequently malnutrition or the opposite in which the patient can have a huge appetite which in its turn leads to weight issues.

6-No Interest

Suffering from depression blows away the interest in doing anything. Simple every day activities as well as joyful ones all seem to be dull and colourless.


A depressed person often lingers on dark thoughts. Thoughts that may develop to the existence of contemplating suicide as a resolution their suffering and meaningless life.

8-Feeling Superficial

Depression is characterised by notions of unworthiness and not being able to relate to the people around; all that can lead to feelings of isolation and alienation. Moreover; depression twists the patients’ own minds to thinking they are hollow and empty of all emotions.

9-Loss of Focus

Finding it hard to focus on the tasks at hand, could be an early indication of depression. And when a person is fighting their mind to complete even the simplest of tasks that should be enough to ask the question about the possibility of being depressed.

Depression, more often in women, is tricky to spot. It can hide in plain sight and be perceived as a normal state of sadness. For that reason seeking professional help and having an honest conversation with one’s self and beloved ones is paramount. The first step into fixing any problem is always admitting to have that problem.

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