Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with a record of 40,000 new cases a day in the United States.

The number of corona patients worldwide has exceeded 97.17 million while the number of deaths has exceeded 491,000.

In the United States, a record 40,000 cases were reported in a single day from Corona, and in India, more than 17,000 cases were reported.

The United States tops the list of countries affected by corona with more than 126,000 deaths and more than 2.5 million coronaviruses.

Brazil ranks second with more than 55,000 deaths and more than 1.233 million cases, and Russia ranks third with more than 8,000 deaths and more than 613,000 cases.

In India, more than 15,000 cases of coronary heart disease have been reported and the number of cases has risen to about 5.5 million.

Corona has killed more than 25,000 people in Mexico. A further 109 deaths and 2,628 cases were reported from Corona in Iran, after which the number of deaths from Corona in Iran exceeded 10,000 and the number of cases exceeded 217,000.

More than 40 deaths have been reported from coronas in Bangladesh, 63 in Indonesia and eight in Afghanistan.

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