Ariana Grande recently releases a song with Lady Gaga names as Rain On Me, which i think go super hit and now Ariana grande has bought a luxurious $13 million mansion while social-distancing with boyfriend Dalton Gomez.

The mansion is located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.According to the Los Angeles Times, the three-storey, ultra-modern property gives off scenic canyon and ocean views and has floor-to-ceiling windows lining the lower entertainment level and pocketed walls that open up to an infinity pool in the outdoor space.

This is not done yet, even this house three levels have the glass balconies!

According to the Time, Ariana Grande purchased this mansion for a much lower cost than it was originally priced at

Two years ago, it was for sale and the owner was asking 25.5$ million, and recently was offered for 17.465$ million

The Rain on me singer will be staying in the mansion with her new boyfriend Dalton Gomez, who she has been dating since January.

Ariana Grande will be staying at home with friends. She is very serious in taking precautions and doing self-distancing and has been with the same group of people for days, a souce had earlier revealed.

“One of the people she is with right now is Dalton — they have been hanging out for a couple of months. Ariana doesn’t want to do another public relationship so she is trying to keep this one quiet, but she seems very happy with Dalton,” it added.

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