Denmark Prime Minister Matt Frederickson has postponed his wedding due to a landmark EU summit next month.

According to the American broadcaster CNN, the summit of the heads of the European Union will be held on July 17 and this is the first time since the outbreak of the corona virus.

The meeting will discuss the EU budget and the fight against the corona virus.

Danish Prime Minister Matt Frederickson’s wedding is set for those dates, but he has now announced that he is postponing his wedding because of the meeting.

Matt Frederickson said in a post on social media that as prime minister she has a big responsibility to attend the meeting so she is postponing her marriage.

“I have to do my job and protect the interests of Denmark,” he said.

He added that he is very happy that his fiance is very patient.

It should be noted that like other countries, Denmark is also infected with the coronavirus and there are more than 12,000 cases and 603 deaths.

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