If you often cry silently or loudly over an emotional film, be sure to keep a large box of tissues with you before watching the films described in this article.

When American film critic Kevin Lee asked people on Twitter last week to tell him which film or TV show made him cry the most, he had no idea that people’s responses would flood in.

“The reaction in the first six hours was unprecedented. To be honest, it was amazing,” said Kevin Lee.

Fans of the film piled up the names of the films that made them cry. He was even more surprised when some people told their life stories about what a particular film meant to them.

Kevin Lee said people’s reactions were beautiful and very different.

The BBC reviewed 35,000 responses. The two films that made the most tears were not big movies or heavyweight dramas. These were family films that touched the hearts of the fans.

Disney Pixel’s Oscar-winning animated film ‘Coco’ tops the list. It was the story of a boy who dreams of becoming a musician and unveils his family’s secrets on the way to fulfilling his dream.

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me
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Second is the 2008 film Marley and Me.

Kevin Lee wasn’t surprised that Coco topped the list. Talking to BBC, he said that he likes this movie very much and the more times he watches it, the better it looks.

This film conveys the message that you must try to fulfill your dreams but also understand your heritage and culture which beautifies your personality. How do you keep these traditions in mind even though you are a progressive.

“The story of this film is very emotional and its characters are very close to real life that is why people liked this film very much. The first ten films include three Disney Pixel animations, including ‘Toy Story Three’.

Table showing the top 10 films to make you cry

Kevin Lee says that he is a fan of animated films because these films have their own foundation and this foundation elevates the story and that is why you forget everything and get lost in the story.

He said that in response to his tweet, two types of stories were mentioned, one was crying over the death of a character in the film which made the viewer emotionally attached or the character was a person in his real life. Like being out of this world.

One user wrote to him that he liked ‘Coco’ because his own grandmother had recently passed away.

The other common thing was that some of the stories were based on facts. These include ‘Life from Beauty’, ‘Sophie’s Choice’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Grave of the Fireflies’.

Terms of Endearment
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There are many historical films that have shown the tourist lessons of human history and they have impressed people a lot.

“When it comes to the darkest lessons in human history, you see the worst form of humanity, but you also see the best examples of humanity,” Lee said. It involves both aspects. You may be sad, but you also feel happy to see the other side.

Also on the list are films starring women in the 80’s.

Kevin Lee believes that one of the reasons for the high response to his tweets is the corona virus and lockdown.

He said that a lot of people are feeling lonely these days and there are a lot of people who are very lonely at the moment and maybe joined the thread of his tweet just because they want to connect with other people. And because of the current environment, many people are talking openly about their personal lives.

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