Scientists are working day and night to develop vaccines to control the dangerous corona virus that has spread around the world, while experts are advising people to use foods that strengthen the immune system.

In patients with corona virus, where many of the symptoms become apparent, a lack of oxygen in the blood is a symptom that they either know about or realize when it is too late.

To avoid this problem, medical experts advise patients and their families to have an oximeter with them so that they can monitor the amount of oxygen in the patient’s blood from time to time.

What is an oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a device that is like a tweezer that is inserted into a person’s finger and tells the person’s heartbeat and the amount of oxygen in the blood.

According to experts, patients with corona virus who do not show symptoms, their blood oxygen level decreases and they do not even know.

According to experts, due to the absence of symptoms of the corona virus, the amount of oxygen in the blood of the infected person suddenly decreases and he does not even realize it.

Therefore, having an oximeter to test it can prevent the patient from getting into a critical condition.

What is the moderate amount of oxygen in the blood?

During the Corona epidemic, it is very important for us to know the moderate amount of oxygen in the blood of a normal person. Experts say that the moderate amount of oxygen in the blood is between 95 and 100. If the amount of oxygen in your blood falls below 92, then you need oxygen immediately.

In addition, experts have advised that corona virus patients should not rely solely on the oximeter, but they must first consult their doctor and follow their instructions.

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