After a 90-day curfew in Saudi Arabia, normalcy has returned to normal.

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, the curfew has been lifted and normalcy has been restored, but security measures will be strictly enforced.

Markets, beauty parlors, barber shops and business centers reopened after normalcy was restored, while all mosques were reopened, but Umrah and pilgrimage will remain closed.

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The Saudi government has instructed all business centers to ensure implementation of SOPs.

After the curfew was lifted, there was a rush of vehicles going to offices and businesses on the roads in different cities of Saudi Arabia, however, the traffic staff is deployed on the highways and is busy ensuring the implementation of SOPs.

It should be noted that the Saudi government had announced a partial curfew from March 23 to curb the corona virus, after which the lockdown was relaxed across the country from May 31 and congregational prayers were offered in mosques in accordance with the code. Permission has also been granted while employees of public and private institutions have also returned to work.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Saudi Arabia, with 3,941 new cases reported in the past 24 hours, while 46 people have died.

The total number of people infected with Corona in Saudi Arabia has exceeded 154,000, while 1230 people have died.

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