As the dangerous coronavirus from China began to spread around the world, it also increased people’s anxiety, and when they went out, everyone was just thinking that they would not get the virus from anyone.

To avoid coronavirus, experts recommend avoiding social stigma and frequent hand washing with masks, soaps, and using sanitary ware.

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Despite all the instructions from experts, people are afraid to go out of their homes, while many people are adopting unique strategies to avoid the virus.

According to a foreign news agency, a middle-aged woman in Cuba has adopted a unique strategy to avoid the virus.

A woman named Feridia Rojas made a protective box for herself with the help of a card box to avoid the corona virus, which she wears when she goes out of the house to do her necessary work.

The woman said she has two daughters who live in the United States, so they have to go out on their own to get the necessary household items.

The woman has made this card box home-like, which she wears when she goes out of the house to buy her necessities.

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