Star of the Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe spoke in support of trans rights after tweets from author J.K Rowling created a massive uproar on social media.

Rowling was caller out for her transphobic comments after a headline discussing ‘people who menstruate’, where she said, “I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

Her tweet was esteemed harsh toward transgender, non-parallel and non-sex adjusting individuals who additionally discharge, anyway who are commonly excused from significant discussions. Notwithstanding, this isn’t simply the first run through the creator has wound up in the center of a debate this way; just a year ago she came into investigation for her backward articulations on sexual character.

Accordingly, the kid who lived composed a sincere reaction through The Trevor Project, a LGBTQ self destruction anticipation noble cause.

“Transgender ladies are ladies. Any announcement to the opposite deletes the character and poise of transgender individuals and conflicts with all counsel given by proficient medicinal services affiliations who have unquestionably more aptitude on this topic than either Jo or I,” said Radcliffe.

“As indicated by The Trevor Project, 78% of transgender and non-twofold youth announced being the subject of separation because of their sex personality. Unmistakably we have to accomplish more to help transgender and non-paired individuals, not negate their personalities, and not bring on additional damage.”

He confessed to at present figuring out how to be a superior partner, and apologized for his benefit for the agony the words more likely than not caused.

“To all the individuals who presently feel that their experience of the books has been discolored or reduced, I am profoundly upset for the torment these remarks have caused you. I truly trust that you don’t totally lose what was important in these accounts to you.”

“On the off chance that these books instructed you that affection is the most grounded power known to man, equipped for conquering anything; on the off chance that they instructed you that quality is found in decent variety, and that one sided thoughts of virtue lead to the persecution of defenseless gatherings; on the off chance that you accept that a specific character is trans, non-parallel, or sexual orientation liquid, or that they are gay or swinger; on the off chance that you discovered anything in these accounts that impacted you and helped you whenever in your life — at that point that is among you and the book that you read, and it is consecrated. What’s more, as I would like to think no one can contact that,” he proceeded.

“It intends to you what it intends to you and I trust that these remarks won’t pollute that to an extreme.”

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