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David Friedrich

David Friedrich is no longer comfortable
During his participation in “The Bachelorette” in 2017 and later also in the “Jungle Camp” , David Friedrich was able to shine with his muskies. But that was a bit ago. The 30-year-old is currently anything but satisfied with his fitness. In a recent Instagram post, he is now complaining to his fans about his suffering and revealing how much he has gained weight in recent years. See how he even promises improvement in the video.

David Friedrich declares war on the “swine dog”
“2017 vs. 2019. I was back on the scales yesterday after a long time. 98 kilos are now. 4 kilos more than 3 months ago, he reveals to the two photos.” Every day I scroll through profiles and see blatantly disciplined girls or guys. Even home workouts seem easy for many, but I’m too lazy to roll out any mat, “admits David. He uses the hashtag” piggy “.

David Friedrich needs weight loss tips
Jessica Paszka’s ex wants to get fitter and asks his followers for help. “Any tips? I know that 70% is nutrition and 30% of sports. I have changed nutrition” as far “, he concedes, but still has to admit:” But something is going wrong here lets go.”

20 kilos heavier within 2 years
In his Insta video, David is also more specific. Two years ago the musician weighed 20 kilos less. He wouldn’t care about his looks either – he just wouldn’t be as fit with the extra kilos that he feels every day.

The drummer of the band “Eskimo Callboy” now wants to do more sports again – girlfriend Maxime Herbold, with whom he has now moved in, will definitely only be able to support the plans.

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