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Healthy Food with Protein – Recipes Track

Healthy Food with Protein

What are Proteins?

A Healthy food diet may be completed without Carbohydrates and Fats but not without Proteins. Proteins are those molecules made of amino acids that play an important role in structure, restructure, maintenance and the functions of a healthy body. The muscles in our bodies are 80% proteins. Apart from water and fat, our body consists of protein entirely which is why Protein is one of the main food group/macro-nutrient for a growth of a healthy body.

Building blocks of a body:

A healthy Protein food needs to be included certain type and amount for a certain age group. Type of protein is determined from the types on amino acids present in its molecule. There are 20 types of amino acids in total, out of which 10 are essential amino acids for the growth, repair and sustenance of an adult body. There may be some additional amino acids essential for the growth of children because the body of a child is always in the state of growth and repair, additional protein serve in this purpose of early stage development.

Source of energy:

Protein can play the role of an energy required for a body to function. It can provide fuel just as much the carbohydrate, i.e. 4kcal per gram. Though, Proteins may not be the best source of energy and the body may take a hard time breaking down its molecules into the fat components, the energy sourced from protein molecule will last longer than energy sourced from other nutrients. This often happens when either the body has excess amount of protein than needed or it has run out of all other sources of energy, in state of starvation. Too much protein and no need for energy can result in fat gain because a body cannot store protein but fat.


The Recommended serving of a protein in a day for a healthy body is 0.8 g per kilogram of body weight. And the best calorie percentage obtained from protein ranges from 10% to 35%, so if a person is following 1500 kcal diet, the recommended calories derived from protein should range between 150-525 kcal which can be obtained from between 37.5 to 131.25 grams of protein.


Protein is mostly obtained from an animal product like Lean meat, poultry, eggs, and fish. Nuts and seeds are also included in protein rich foods. Lentils and beans contain combination of proteins and carbs. Milk, cheese, yogurt contain combination of protein, calcium and fats but again, very good source of protein for a healthy body.

Role in a healthy body:

Low-Calorie, Low-Carbohydrate, Low-Fat and High-Protein diet is an ideal diet for a healthy body. Every healthy diet must include Protein rick food intake of the Recommended Dietary Allowance, explains why it’s the most staple food group and how important of a role it plays in a healthy body diet.

Healthy Food Quotes and Pictures

Time is to share something about the healthy food quotes and pictures. As we all know that we are living happy and healthy life only the reason is the healthy food. If there is no healthy food that’s mean there is no healthy life. The below I give you some suggestion with inspirational picture and quotes about the food.

In addition to above I think you also know that without food no living organism will remained in this world. You will never remit this thing form your life. These are something which is basic needs life without them we shall die so we have taken care of them not only your surrounding but also in all over the world. It is not the duty of a specific person, or organization that he can produce only healthy food.

Not at all it is the duty every single person in the world, to produced healthy food even his own or for his family. Many of things are just lying between that he can do that or he says that he can do this. No never you always to be likely brotherhood. In the below quotes you also get that the food is only produced by the mutual collision of many forces.

For example, clay, water, seeds and the most special things is time. Time and if you also called it as patient in any work then it will be more perfect. Without time there is nothing in the world. We should have to wait for the perfect time so in the way our purpose will be fulfilled. In the very short time we also get something by luck or miracles of life.

Healthy food is not just like you eat and it will be finished no it does not stop here. But it is your life and your get proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and calories much other thing from it. In the you are seeing that there is specially vegetables and fruits are lying in their original or in a mixture with other ingredients of the recipes. But it should be more likely that you combine the proteins power of 2 things collectively in the well way.

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