The global epidemic of the coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives and now everyone has made social distance and precautions an integral part of life.

Experts are advising people to wear masks to prevent the corona virus, and this mask is also considered a barrier to human communication.

Because of the masks, we can’t see each other’s faces properly and we don’t even know who is smiling at what time.

With all of these issues in mind, masks are being innovated by a number of companies, and recently fashion designer Chelsea Clocas has developed a modern mask using technology.

Fashion designers use technology to create special clothes, hoodies and other costumes, but the Corona epidemic has also affected their business, after which they decided to make masks.

With the help of LEDs, they have developed a special two-layer mask that can be cleaned as well as charged.

The price of this LED Face Mask is ڈالر 95, which is special because you can write a custom message on it which shines on the mask due to the LED.

The mask is connected to the app, after which the water can create a custom message or any sketch on it, while the fabric of the mask is such that you can breathe easily after applying it.

Users can also write messages about social distance on the mask, such as stay 6 feet away, etc. because wearing a mask interferes with communication.

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