Kelly Clarkson was seen going out in the public for the first time ever since she gets divorced from Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly was seen in the casual dressing, sans her wedding ring while walking with her dog in Los Angeles.

Kelly Clarkson was spotted wearing jumpsuit, sandals and chic sunglasses, days after it was revealed that she is parting from her husband after seven years of marriage.

Kelly Clarkson divorce news was a big shock for her fans, “It came out of nowhere,” one insider said.”It’s all so sad for the kids. They were always such a loving family. It never seemed like they have any issues among them.

The source went to say that the circumstances were really “Shocking” to their friends, adding that their mutual acquaintances “have been texting each other over their disbelief that the couple is splitting.

Another Source revealed that “Brandom was around all the time on almost all the show days and they were very loving to each other. They drove home from the set together every night”.

According to multiple reports, the couple decided to go their separate ways due to Blackstock’s extremely hectic schedule that affected their married life.

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