Mango Juice

Fresh fruit juice is sometimes just the thing! You can easily make a delicious mango juice yourself. There are two methods by which you can prepare the exotic fruit drink. Read more in this guide.

Prepare mango juice with a blender

The first way to make mango juice yourself is to finely puree the flesh of a mango using a hand blender. According to a recipe from the women’s magazine “Brigitte”, you should first roughly dice the mango and mix in half a glass of crushed ice when pureeing. Season the mango juice with a few splashes of lime juice and serve it immediately.

Make mango juice as if by magic

If you do not have a blender in the house, you do not have to do without homemade mango juice. For four servings you need four mangos, which you put in a bowl of water for a quarter of an hour. Then take the fruit in both hands and press the mangoes evenly from all sides so that they become even softer, Now cut a small lock around the stem base and remove it. Squeeze the mango juice through a sieve into a bowl.

Tip: A little pulp will probably remain in the sieve – you can simply squeeze it out with a spoon. It is best to refrigerate the mango juice sometime before serving.

How to make a Melon Mango Juice?

For that you might need some instructions that are given below:


  • 1 Mango (s)
  • ½ Melon (Galia or net melon)


Peel the mango, cut the flesh from the stone and chop it roughly. Cut open the melon and scrape out the seeds. Detach the pulp from the skin and chop it roughly. Put the fruit through a juicer.

Stimulates the gray cells and get the circulation going. It also stimulates the circulation and dispels tiredness in the morning.

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