Shami Kabab

In Ramadan, Sahar and Iftar have their own special menu and are followed in all homes, but housewives want to prepare something every day during Sahar and Iftar that has a new taste for their family.

Keeping in mind this need of women, we keep sharing new dish recipes with you every day. Today we bring you a very simple recipe to make delicious and tasty ancient Syrian kebabs.



Five green chillies

Mint is a doll

Ginger a lump

12 onions

Add half of the garlic

Take half a gram of lentils

  • Half a gram of lentils

Get half the yogurt

Two potatoes


Red pepper and salt to taste


The recipe for these kebabs was used by the royal cooks for the Muslim kings of Arab Iran and India. This is the best recipe for making Syrian kebabs.

Soak the qima in water, add onion, garlic, lentils, potato, half a ginger of ginger, hot spices, red pepper and salt in the pan along with it, add only enough water to melt the qima, when When the water is dry, take the qima and spices out of the pot and grind it finely on a crust.

Remember that it is very important to grind all of them as finely as possible, otherwise the texture of the kebabs will not be sophisticated. Add green chillies, coriander and mint in this mixture. If you have more or less salt and pepper than you need, remove any of the defects, and if the salt and pepper are fine, let them run. Now take out the egg yolks in a bowl and paint them, and put the kebabou with the hand of an egg and fry it in oil. Until then, don’t start frying kebabs in it.

The point is that these kebabs are not cooked but are fried, thus they get a tired old cover, which gives great pleasure in eating kebabs, these kebabs are eaten with sugar, these are green coriander, chillies. , Onion and red chilli sauce will also enhance the decoration of the table and the eater will keep licking his fingers.

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