LAHORE: Leading actor, composer, writer and poet Tariq Aziz Harkat has died of a heart attack. The son of well-known compiler and former National Assembly member Tariq Aziz confirmed his father’s death.

Tariq Aziz started his professional life with Radio Pakistan Lahore. He was the first anchor of Pakistan Television (PTV) and he started broadcasting PTV from Lahore in November 1964. Later, the program ‘Auction House’, which started in 1975, brought Tariq Aziz to the heights of fame. W

ell-known writer and politician Tariq Aziz was also awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan in 1992.

Tariq Aziz also showed the essence of his acting in many films and was a former member of the National Assembly from 1997 to 1999.

Tariq Aziz’s death is a sad moment:

Actor Tauqeer Nasir says that Tariq Aziz’s death is a moment of sorrow. Tariq Aziz was a man of immense talent.

He said that Tariq Aziz used to utter words on merit and he displayed his skills in every field. From the auction house, Tariq Aziz spread awareness for three generations.

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