What Happen To Body after Eat Sushi

Mercury Poisoning

Industrial pollution has filled the sea with a variety of toxic materials, one of which is mercury a heavy metal that can get into fish food chain and contaminate it and the bigger that fish is the higher the amount of mercury found in it. The more contaminated fish you consume the more mercury you get into your body, that’s because mercury does not leave the body after it gets in.

Mercurialism (mercury poisoning) can be acute or chronic and can have long term side effect it can even threat the well-being of unborn children if consumed during mothers’ pregnancy.


Listeria is a genus of Gram-positive bacteria that are parasites of warm blooded animals, it can infect wild and domestic animals and are transmitted to humans by consuming animals or animal products. It may cause a disease called listeriosis ranging from influenza like symptoms to meningeoncephalitis, depending on how strong the immunity system is. In pregnant women it may terminate the pregnancy or damage the fetus.

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