The World Health Organization has welcomed the Saudi government’s decision to restrict the Hajj due to the coronavirus.

According to the Arab News Agency, the Saudi government has restricted the Hajj this year due to the global epidemic Coronavirus, under which foreigners will not be allowed to come on Hajj, while only one thousand pilgrims will perform Hajj this time.

Last year, about 2.5 million Muslims from around the world performed the Hajj.

In response to the Saudi government’s decision, the head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, said that some countries have begun to reopen their territories and economic activities, raising the question of how to protect large crowds. Which has become very important and especially true for the world’s largest Hajj gathering.

He said the Saudi government’s decision was based on an analysis of the various situations and risk assessments in line with World Health Organization guidelines for reducing epidemics and protecting migrants.

Dr. Tedros said that the World Health Organization has fully supported the decision of the Saudi government, so all countries should make difficult decisions by making public health a top priority.

“We think this was not an easy decision and we think that this decision has disappointed many Muslims who were ready for Hajj this year, so it is also a difficult choice,” he said. For example, all countries should make health their first priority.

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