You Throw Away a Banana Peel ?

Stay Regular

Having a diet rich in fibres is the best way to get regular bowel movement and ,as mentioned above, bananas are high in fibre, but if more is needed the peel can provide extra amount to help your inners work smoothly. Eating the peel alone can sound a bit unpleasant. A good advice is to mix it with a smoothie, eat it along with the fruit, or as a last resort eat some of the inside which sweeter.

Whiten Your Teeth

Pursuing the perfect smile can lead us to some expansive treatment, moreover these treatments can involve harsh chemicals that not only scrub the yellow unwanted surface of the teeth but also damage the enamel which leads to weak teeth and sensitivity. Instead, a more natural solution is available. Rubbing the teeth with inners of a peel can work wonders, results may not be as fast as bleaching but they are far safer.

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